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Plugged In returns Aug. 19

Okay, sorry. Plugged In live music/comedy listings will be reinstated into LEO Weekly beginning with our Aug. 19 edition. Listings will cover Wednesday to the following Tuesday each week, just like in the past. NOTE: Deadlines are Thursday noon the week before publication (e.g.-Aug. 13), and there is absolutely NO wiggle room on this. Please […]

Sweet 16 — Greyboy Allstars can almost drive

Turning 16 is always so sweet. But rather than 16 candles or a lavish party thrown by wealthy parents, The Greyboy Allstars will instead take relish in the four albums they’ve put under their belt in the past 16 years since they began in 1993. Though 16 is relatively young in the real world, in […]

Bonnaroo Notebook: The rise and fall of bonnaROME, the ebb and flow of yes and ?know

What separates rock stars and rock fans? Is it a real barrier? Surely one can be both, or neither. So is it an illusion? What brings them together? How much is the same from the stagefront to back stage? Why does one pay money to the other and, since they do, how much is different in the […]

Bonnaroo bound

As a kid, I always hated writing those “What did you do on summer vacation?” essays. I absolutely hated it. If asked to put it on a chart of my vileness, I’d have put it somewhere between nuclear war and impossible-to-open ketchup packets. I hated those reckless writing assignments that much. What to jot on […]

Kentucky Country Jamboree passes available at LEO offices

Passes for this weekend’s Kentucky Country Jamboree at the Water Tower on Zorn Avenue are available now at the LEO offices, 640 S. Fourth St., Suite 100, on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact Tammy Norkiewicz at (502) 895-9770 ext. 221, or e-mail tammyn@leoweekly.com.

LEO goes to Bonnaroo!

Beginning June 13, LEO freelancer Mary Burton will be our correspondent to this year’s Bonnaroo festival, which takes place on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tenn. The lineup is the biggest, craziest, maniacal musical orgasm in all of festivaldom. The Police, Tool, Widespread Panic, The Flaming Lips, your cousins — they’re all playing. Mary will […]

Concert Listings

Fri 5/18 Moe Martin Sexton Angelique Kidjo Keller Williams The Nightwatchman BROWN THEATRE – 7 p.m. Sat 5/19 Ryan Adams Suzanne Vega Paula Cole Charlie Louvin Vietnam BROWN THEATRE – 7 p.m. The Glasspack Bible of the Devil Blade of the Ripper Arch THE RUD – 10 p.m. $5 The Town Criers JAZZ FACTORY – […]