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Bonnaroo bound

As a kid, I always hated writing those “What did you do on summer vacation?” essays. I absolutely hated it. If asked to put it on a chart of my vileness, I’d have put it somewhere between nuclear war and impossible-to-open ketchup packets. I hated those reckless writing assignments that much. What to jot on […]

Q&A: Byrne on Bonnaroo

Q&A: Byrne on Bonnaroo David Byrne’s far-reaching effect on rock ‘n’ roll was reinforced during a mammoth show at The Palace Theatre. Collaborating once again with rock’s experimental auteur du jour Brian Eno, Byrne continues to stay relevant through collaborations of a newer kind, most recently Domino’s Dirty Projectors, one of a handful of acts […]

Ben Sollee goes cyclical

Cellist Ben Sollee Confirms Solo Bicycle Tour To Bonnaroo Through The Hills Of Kentucky & Tennessee June 4 – 14. On June 4th, Kentucky-born songwriter Ben Sollee will help redefine regional touring by strapping his 1930’s Kay cello to his bicycle and pedal 35 miles from Lexington to Danville, KY – then onward to a […]

La Chaqueta

MMJ in New York Magazine, also, Entertainment Weekly named the band’s gargantuan set at this year’s Bonnaroo festival one of the best live shows.

2008 Bonnaroo Festival dates announced

2008 BONNAROO MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL DATES ANNOUNCED June 12-15, 2008 at the same, beautiful, 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, 60 miles southeast of Nashville.


The best aspect of Bonnaroo, in this music-lover’s opinion, is the opportunity to see bands I probably wouldn’t have checked out otherwise. It does get hard to keep up, but even if you see only a fraction of the artists performing, it’s well worth the trip. It’s a melting pot of music, with everything from […]

The Police don’t disappoint at Bonnaroo

I grew up listening to The Police. I was too young in the ’80s to make the pilgrimmage to one of their shows, but marveled at the videos. I stared in wonder at the television as Sting ran through a darkened room lit only by rows of candles. Years later, when I could appreciate their […]

Bonnaroo Notebook: A taste of reggae, Generation Y

It’s difficult to know where to start. There have been some pleasant surprises along the way. As I was gearing up to see Ziggy Marley, I heard this sprite of a voice emanating from another tent. She was using her voice as an instrument, making various odd noises, while pounding away on the keyboard in […]

Bonnaroo Notebook: Meet Tool

I’ve heard many rave about Tool. The crowd, in the thousands, was psyched. The main stage, normally adorned with the huge, blazing green Bonnaroo sign atop it, remained dark. It was an ominous feeling, to be sure. Suddenly the crowd goes wild as Tool walks onto the stage, and we are immediately hit with a […]

Bonnaroo Notebook: Who knew the tuba could rock?

Never, ever poke fun at a tuba player again. After checking out The Roots on the main stage, I was blown away. Don’t get me wrong, Kings of Leon were great. I’ll admit to not being a big fan, but seeing them live they proved they can rock with a setlist (see speed metal meets […]