Pissed Jeans – album review

Pissed Jeans

How a band can sound both blasé and furious at the same time is beyond me, but Pissed Jeans have certainly accomplished that feat. You can hear the disinterested sneer in singer Matt Korvette’s voice as he endlessly recounts the tedium of adult responsibility. Unlike on previous records, Honeys is virtually non-stop in its assault, taking little, if any, time to contemplate on any of their slower moments. This creates a very specific and polarizing kind of record that will divide their audience between those that appreciated the sludgy squalor, even if it was only occasional, found on previous recordings, with those that want only the full-on onslaught that comprises Honeys. Whatever pissed them off (maybe piss in their jeans?), it’s even more apparent here than it was before, and that makes for a satisfying, if less dynamic affair. — Syd Bishop

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