Another 7 Astronauts – album review

Another 7 Astronauts
The Golden Autumn and the Afternoon


Employing a range of instruments, from steel drums and vibes to toy pianos, and the tremendous vocal talents of Dane Waters (Softcheque, Sapat), drummer JC Denison and trombonist/co-arranger Dan Moore (both ex-Lucky Pineapple) paint subtly colorful soundscapes with emotive yet calculated strokes. The result is not so much “modern classical” as it is a melting pot of worldly inspired post-rock variety moves, bringing to mind the work of Tortoise, Gastr Del Sol, etc. with nods to Eno, Van Dyke Parks, perhaps even Morricone. Never as minimal as Reich or Riley, nor as artfully “new age” as contemporaries Blues Control, A7A exist in an easy-to-enjoy yet tough-to-categorize grey area of formal musicians with “indie” pedigree stepping back, stripping it down, and re-approaching sounds that perhaps inspired them to experiment with music in the first place. — Ryan Davis

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