Lee Van Cleef – album review

Lee Van Cleef
Songs About Shitting


Yielding yet another parody of Big Black’s Songs About Fucking, and likely drawing the attention of punk fans in the process, Lee Van Cleef plunges directly into an appropriately discordant potpourri of hard-rock instrumentals followed by the saucy caterwauling of vocalist Jacob Miller. At times; the record passes as progressive; other times, it’s reminiscent of experimental noise-rock like Jesus Lizard and Birthday Party-ish post-punk. Altogether, the vocal track is restrained yet soulfully tumultuous, which provides a safeguard for the riffs and melodies I initially thought had been set out to bewilder, rather than illuminate. Any problems I had with the album had to do with the contradicting nature of material and image, as the zanily- titled repertoire and novelty album-cover may match up to the group’s mission statement, but not their musical vitality. — Sam Wilkerson

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