New Mother Nature – album review

New Mother Nature
New Mother Nature


That they are called New Mother Nature is an apt and elegant mission statement posited as a clever name. Their eponymous freshman release is rich with straight-forward melodies that sound as organic as they do fresh, all while maintaining a sense of playful, if cautious experimentation. Opener “Responsible Flower” sets the tone immediately, beholden to local acts like The For Carnation or Will Oldham but with a nod to everything from Neil Young to Akron/Family. Whether that’s the unconventionally comforting voice of singer Axel Cooper or the restraint of every musician in the band, New Mother Nature use each song not only as a vehicle for the vocal narrative but as an opportunity to create lush atmospheres. While they may not provide something wholly original, they do offer a thoughtful and mature compositional style that builds on the influences to which they are clearly beholden. — Syd Bishop


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