Spawn of Possession – album review

Spawn of Possession


After Noctambulent became hailed as a technical classically influenced masterpiece, Spawn of Possession lay quiet for six years. Now with the addition of Christian Muenzer (of Obscura fame), they arrive with Incurso. Owing as much to Bach as Immolation, you’ll either enjoy the dexterous compositional nature or decry it as soulless wankery. It’s a bit of both, but luckily their sinister atmosphere and bizarre jazz tendencies lend a creepy emotional edge missing from many of their peers. Progressing even further into Shostakovich symphony territory, closer “Apparition” is a sign of things to come with its rich orchestral feel infused with a vile veneer. The twisting labyrinth of creaking organs gives way to swelling strings and diabolical piano amid grinding madness. Incurso is complex, calculated music designed to boggle your mind while boring the verse-chorus-verse crowd into irritated rants. — Austin Weber

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