All Shall Perish – concert review

BY Austin Weber


By the end of the night at Expo Five last Thursday, everyone left either in pain or tired from moshing. It started fairly timid after lesser known bands made their peace to a silent, staring crowd. Then, The Contortionist hit the stage sounding like a tightly knit group. Their progressive blend of off-kilter guitars rhythms and atmospheric keyboards worked well, but this was foreign to a crowd of deathcore fans. Fortunately, Conducting From The Grave played next and put on an energetic shred-fest.  The crowd seemed unfamiliar at first, but they eventually whipped the place into a frenzy. Fleshgod Apocalypse , though stylistically unlike the other bands, gave an inspired performance replete with classical influence. Headliner All Shall Perish was a hellbent force that steamrolled through their best songs, kicking off with “Eradication.” From there, they never let up and eventually returned for a two song encore.

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