Christian Mistress – album review

Christian Mistress


Throwback is the rage in metal these days, though it’s flooded the scene with uninspired worship. Christian Mistress rise above mere re-hash, by mixing up a NWOBHM sound (that’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal) that takes Iron Maiden’s dueling guitars and straps them to a Led Zeppelin grooving flow while the coarse powerful singing of Christine Davis reverberates overtop. Her performance fits the mood like a glove, aiding both the defiant, blazing tracks and doomier ballads. The inquisitive ballad opening to “There is Nowhere” has Christine pouring her heart out in an introspective quest for meaning; her answer roars in a passionate proclamation that “there is no tomorrow, there is only today,” igniting a flurry of triumphant guitar melodies that swarm into a rousing collapse. “Pentagram & Crucifix” takes their reckless energy into overdrive on a head banging stomp that nearly spirals out of control from the frenzied dual leads. Retro bands of all stripes are attempting to re-capture that old lo-fi creative glory of done to death styles. While Christian Mistress is drawing from a familiar template, the introspective lyrics and fiery delivery imbue Possession with a memorable identity that’s hard to shake. — Austin Weber

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