Ital – album review

Hive Mind

A steady buzz has been building about Daniel Martin-McCormick’s interpretation of electronic music, in part because of the unique way he transposes the punk/DIY aesthetic of previous band Mi Ami onto his approach to making house music. The hype is justified; what we have here is a release that engages you because of its flaws, rather than in spite of them. With raw sounds and a somewhat cavalier attitude to production, Hive Mind features some very ambitious moments that are pulled off with charm and poise. While some of the musicality is striking and uncomfortable, it is often easy to identify with an artist such as Ital, who has a seemingly naive approach to their medium, someone trying to capture a special moment in time that is at once personal to them and relevant to the audience. Hive Mind succeeds when representing exuberant personality and emotion over all else, even rhythm which is usually so important to the genre. With it’s looping timbre clashes and challenging arrangements, the record exhibits a mischievous charisma that shares more in common with Steve Reich than Steve Angello. — Jon Paul Hill

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