Kinny: album review

Can’t Kill a Dame With Soul

It’s hard to find a release on Tru Thoughts to dislike. The UK nu-funk label dallies with as much electronic-based music as full band outings, and is home to Kinny, with her third disc on the label, Can’t Kill a Dame With Soul. Personally, I like the unclear title, whether one is committing murder with soul as a weapon, or referencing the invincibility of one clutching soul’s amulet. With this Dame, while good, it’s difficult to work up strong enough emotion either way. Maybe it’s a case of the songs being just a little too tight. There’s no room for air in any of it, no space to breathe. The tightly syncopated production of a track like “Tick Can Tock” has a great groove, and would be great for an emcee of the new school, say a Curren$y or a Big K.R.I.T. But for a singer? It’s good, and sounds even better in the car, but would be even better if we could hear her get loose once in a while. — Damien McPherson

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