SXSW – Thursday

Dear Louisville,

LEO’s music department spent another day in Austin, TX, yesterday at the SXSW music conference, and it was even finer than the previous day. As much fun as the endless grinding blurt of music and “music” was, the highlight might have been the Shiner-flavored ice cream from the regionally famous Amy’s Ice Cream.

For here, Falls City lovers, the word “Shiner” is used for beer as interchangeably as “Coke” is used for soda – so, in the name of research, LEO had to try it.

Oh, and the music tasted fun, too. We got a sneak preview of what the next “Waterfront Wednesday” show will look like when we caught their next headliner, the Chicago-based soul band JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, at a Google/YouTube event on top of a parking garage – an event that was also being simulcast on YouTube, so check to see if it’s still on there.

Local favorites Houndmouth played a lunchtime set next to the Hotel San Jose, outdoors on an actual stage in beautiful weather. They give off such a friendly vibe that it wasn’t surprising that they committed the un-rocking sin of starting their set early, instead of the usual let’s-sit-around-for-an-hour rock show business.

(An attempt to hear Boss Springsteen’s keynote speech was abandoned after he’d failed to materialize after 25 minutes, as LEO had to concentrate on pressing matters like going to see a band that hadn’t already peaked back in 1978… Just teasing, Bruce, we’ve always had your back, even when “Lucky Town” confused us).

Other highlights included spotting a pedicab driver (plentiful here) dressed as Waldo (of “Where’s?” fame); finding an incredibly rare and surprisingly reasonably priced album, as well as finding some rare .25 gems in awesome store Friends of Sound, leading the clerk to congratulate me on finding hidden treasures in his own store; realizing a bit too late that, yes, I probably should apply that sunscreen; and sharing a delicious and highly memorable BBQ dinner somewhere out in the woods with LEO art director Ron Jasin and our crew, in what can only be described as a cross between Disneyland, The Playboy Mansion, and Mike Linning’s.

More tomorrow, though it probably won’t be posted here until Monday morning.

Until then, throw on your old copy of Bruce’s “Darkness” album and don’t worry about listening too closely to his new one. It’s got bagpipes on it.

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