album review – The Internet

The Internet
Purple Naked Ladies

What to do when one has great influences, but isn’t a very good songwriter? On Purple Naked Ladies, Odd Future’s lone female member Syd tha Kid’s own song states, “She DGAF” (your imagination is correct). Syd’s collaboration with Matt Martians as The Internet, lifts from N*E*R*D, Kraftwerk, Erykah Badu, and Sa-Ra, but mostly goes nowhere. Los Angeles is home to a broken beat soul scene that’s been releasing great material for years, from J*Davey to Nikko Gray and Thundercat, and it’s obvious Syd wants a seat at that table. Ladies works as a demo, a calling card for future work. As wallpaper, some of the grooves can work their way into your late nights, though you’ll likely be working harder than some of these simple mood pieces did in their creation. With few exceptions (the beautiful “Visions”), we’ll call this a mulligan. — Damien McPherson

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