Monthly Archives: September 2011

album review – The Stepkids

The Stepkids The Stepkids (STONES THROW) Perspective is everything. It turns a well-intentioned joke mean, a friendly smile into a come-hither, a band making decent psychedelic funk into cultural vampires. I borrow that phrase from Philly producer King Britt and a rather well-publicized internet throw-down between he and hipster wunderkind Diplo, the modern Lomax of […]

album review – Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib Will The Guns Come Out (INNOVATIVE LEISURE) Retro-rock, you’ll never die. There will always be another 19-year-old with three chords and a guitar and a desire to get laid whilst wearing a wife beater and a bandana. Will The Guns Come Out is the debut of a Frisco native, current LA scenester, […]

album review – Cut Off Your Hands

Cut Off Your Hands Hollow (FRENCHKISS) At the risk of sounding like my mother, I couldn’t see why a group of nice young New Zealand boys who create such lovely indie pop music would want to be known by that dreadfully histrionic moniker Cut Off Your Hands. (I later learned the band originally formed as […]

#LouBridge #LOLBridge

by Joey Flispart So I heard your commute got a bit longer? Instead of the normal 45-minute commute you have to take to your place of work, now it will be about two hours. Unless you want to hear a traffic report that repeatedly tells you that you are screwed, then you are going […]

The LEO interview: Janelle Monae

By Damien McPherson Though she was just in town opening for Katy Perry, Janelle Monae is returning to Louisville — not as a performer, but to participate in this year’s Idea Festival. Last year she both performed and took part in Thrivals 3.0, interviewing Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols in the process. She’s back to […]

The LEO interview: Fort Frances

The Chicago-based Fort Frances is an indie pop trio with some local roots. Their debut album, The Atlas, has earned strong reviews. The free show they’re playing this week should be a strong incentive to catch them now while you can. LEO spoke with leader David McMillin about location, location, location and the Beatles. David […]

album review – She’s a Tease

She’s a Tease Millonaria (NACIONAL) It’s gotten hard to believe that “Department Store Pop” has become a genre in and of itself. The death of Muzak sent Sears, Dillard’s, and others into a tizzy in their need to play banal but upbeat pop that will keep shoppers shopping, not annoy or depress them, and certainly […]

The LEO interview: Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu By Jennifer Harlan Xiu Xiu makes art, and also music. Some people love ‘em. Some are … confused. Leader Jamie Stewart was decent enough to answer LEO’s probing questions. LEO: Are you really as emo as your album title makes you seem? Jamie Stewart: What!?!??! This is not 1996. No one is […]

The LEO interview: Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival is a world-folk band from Colorado. LEO probably should’ve asked about their grooming habits, but forgot. Dan Rodriguez answered LEO’s questions. LEO: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you yet? Dan Rodriguez: I would describe it as a glimpse into the inner workings of five individuals, and those […]

album review – Retox

Retox Ugly Animals (IPECAC) Most people are familiar with a detox, to detoxify, but not its opposite – the retox. To retox is to replenish whatever toxic substances your body lacks. Fitting then that on Ugly Animals, the debut album by Retox, a newly formed side project of The Locust that play noisy punk-filtered grind […]