Monthly Archives: July 2011

album review: Oneida

Absolute II
Oneida’s new release, Absolute II, completes the Thank Your Parents triptyche that was started in 2008. In this wall-to-wall sonic void, four songs span across a thirty minute venture through space and sound. It descends from earth as “Pre-Human” where the music blips to life in electronic whispers. When we reach […]

The LEO interview: Pictureplane

LEO spoke with Travis Egedy, the one-man band behind the “witch house” music. LEO: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you yet? PP: Punk music for people who love house music. The sound of the earth breathing. Occult house music. Dark sexual pop music. LEO: What inspires your songs? How […]

album review: Corea, Clarke & White

Corea, Clarke & White Forever (CONCORD) Man Bites Dog! Fusion Pioneers Return to Forever play acoustic! Forever finds pianist Chick Corea, bassist Stanley Clarke and drummer Lenny White simultaneously returning to their roots and forging ahead. This 2-CD set features them live and unamplified on disc one, allowing their virtuosity to shine without embellishment, with […]

Pusha T & Tyler, the Creator have Trouble

With his partner in rhyme Malice exploring his newfound Christianity, the Clipse’s Pusha T has found a new foil in Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator. Having been mostly immune to the, ahem, charms of the OFWGKTA clique (insert Sgt Murtaugh’s “I’m getting too old for this isht”), this song is ridiculously good. The pairing of […]

album review: The Black Lips

The Black Lips Arabia Mountain (VICE) First through fifth listens: They’re not The Coral, but they seem to want it to be true. Several iterations of “it’s okay, mostly inoffensive, and if I heard it in a coffee shop or other setting of le Hep Elite I’d certainly understand” hovered over the “save” button, all […]

For The Love

Two events for the price of none Saturday at Land of Tomorrow (233 W. Broadway), with For The Love and Summer Heat. Love is an homage to the four tenets of hip-hop (breaking, emceeing, deejaying, graffiti) with performances from DJ Fluid, Skyscraper Stereo, Jalin Roze, Nacirema and Safari Black. Artist Derek Hart will be exhibiting […]

SNO. – Struggle’s Never Over

Clarksvegas hip hop isn’t just Grimey. While the Scanners-led crew tends to be the first group one thinks of with Southern Indiana hip-hop, emcee SNO is also looking for his time in the spotlight. His brand new long-player, Struggle’s Never Over, is on Bandcamp and at ear X-tacy right now, and shows a different side […]

The LEO interview: Amy LaVere

Amy LaVere: dark, suspenseful and fun by Peter Berkowitz Think there’s only room for one redheaded spitfire woman who started out playing a mix of early rock and earthy Americana but has evolved into a more mature, finely textured artist? Well, move over, Neko Case. Memphis-based singer/songwriter/double bassist Amy LaVere is not just on […]

Waylon, Neil and Ed Anderson

Waylon, Neil and Ed Anderson by Brent Owen Ed Anderson and Scott Tipping (of Backyard Tire Fire) with Thirty Spokes Friday, July 22nd Gerstle’s Place 3801 Frankfort Ave. 9 p.m. You may know Ed Anderson and Scott Tipping from their work with the critically acclaimed band Backyard Tire Fire, and this weekend they will […]

Better Days is here again

On August 1st, venerable Louisville music retailer Better Days Records will open a new location at 1765 Bardstown Road, where The Cage previously tried to make their special business model work. The new location – their second, after their urban-focused store at 2600 W. Broadway – will focus mostly on used CDs.