Scanners – Scanners nine2

Nacirema is one of the nastiest emcees in this city. He eats microphones like they’re power pellets and he’s being chased by ghosts. Dr. Gonzo is likewise one of the strongest producers in town; his palate that of true-school-era hip-hop, samples and big drums. Their first union as Scanners was easily a favorite, and made this writer’s top ten for 2009; not top local: Scanners made the list without charity, wink, or nod.

Enter Scanners nine2. A couple years have passed, the guys working almost without break, while the good Doctor expanded his reach to work with many of Louisville and Southern Indiana’s hungrier emcees. Highlights are many: Skate has a shuffling percussion and soulful hum that sounds like 89-degree weather. Forgone Conclusion may be the pinnacle, a bluesy instrumental that acts as a cooling-off point to rehydrate after Nacirema’s fire. If there’s a complaint anywhere in the proceedings, is that nine2 may be too much of a good thing, the intensity a bit exhausting after 18 tracks; though, if asked where to cut, I’d be as hard pressed as the disc’s creators.
-Damien McPherson

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  1. Teneia
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    That’s awesome!!! Congratulations:)

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