Monthly Archives: January 2011

Nellie McKay: Strange but good

I admit I didn’t know much about Nellie McKay before stepping into Headliners last night for her show with local songstress Brigid Kaelin. I had heard her latest full length, Home Sweet Mobile Home, and her Doris Day tribute album, Normal As Blueberry Pie. She’s an actor, a singer, a regular contributer on “A Prairie […]

Skyscraper Stereo, “Hoodrat Things”

A taste from Skyscraper Stereo’s upcoming album, due later this year. Filmed late last year at Cahoots, “Hoodrat Things” is about as tongue-in-cheek as any hip-hop act has put out in some time, an often hilarious satire of the status quo of modern rap without the act holding itself higher than its targets. The guys […]

Yardsale, “Hit It & Quit It”

Presumably the band’s final release after its members split for all corners of the map, Yardsale’s Hit It & Quit It was recorded mostly in one marathon session with no overdubs. It’s a loose, balls-out hour of a group of guys having a blast doing what they do best. Covers, live favorites, rough edges, bum […]

Lighthouse & The Whaler @ Sunergos tonight

Lighthouse & The Whaler play for free at 7 p.m. Jan. 24 (tonight) at Sunergos Beechmont. L&TW’s pop is irony-free, unashamed and without cynicism to it. —DM

Kid Sister & Gucci Mane, “Gucci Rag Top”

Gucci Mane, the current clown prince of rap, guests on Kid Sister’s latest, “Gucci Rag Top,” and doesn’t make your ears bleed. Gucci was nearly confused for 50 Tyson on first listen, but the 808s and cowbells make the track pretty irresistible. Kid Sister has come a long way, from this cut to her latest […]

Zshatwa, “Robot”

Zshatwa has apparently dropped two free albums online over the past year or so, neither of which seem to exist online any longer. Pretty face notwithstanding, her latest, “Robot,” has plenty going for it. A pop-electro beat that wouldn’t be out of place from Sa-Ra or J*Davey, but with the greatness of sampling the (ready […]

Jalin Roze, “For The Love”

Jalin Roze previews his forthcoming release The Brilliance, due in February, with the head-nodder “For The Love.” The mellow, piano-based track, courtesy of producer Josh La Rock, could have been made in ’94 for O.C. or Big L., and you’d believe it. The Jalin-Josh pairing has already made for some great music, and here’s hoping […]

Krazy Fest / Expo Five

No lineup has been announced yet but Krazy Fest does have date(s) — May 20-22 — and a venue — Expo Five. The festival, created by the now-defunct label Initial Records, became a must for touring post-hardcore, punk and proto-emo bands in the 1990s and early 2000s, but has been revived by former Endpoint manager […]

Picnic Kibun / $5

Our staff pick on Saturday’s show with Picnic Kibun, GFG and Nerves Jr. at Monkey Wrench had the wrong cover. It’s $5. —MH

The Endtables to perform at SXSW

The Endtables, one of Louisville’s first punk bands, will perform for the first time in 30 years at 11 p.m. on March 18 at WFMU’s SXSW Showcase at Barbarella. The group’s recordings were reissued by Drag City last year. —Mat Herron