Laetitia Sadier, “The Trip”

The Trip
Laetitia Sadier

For Laetitia Sadier, the trip isn’t over. After splitting off from Tim Gane, her writing partner in the venerated Stereolab and disbanding her previous solo endeavor Monade, Sadier crafted an album that revels in the freedom that comes from a clean break. I was not living my truth, she sings on the dreamy swing-and-strut of “Fluid Sand.” She mines personal tragedy on opener “One Million Year Trip,” a remembrance on losing her sister to suicide, and when her stark relief isn’t present in her lyrics, she transfers to arrangement, as on the piano-driven moodpiece, “Statues Can Bend.” Updates to Les Rita Mitsouko’s French-pop dance blast “Un Soir Un Chien,” Wendy & Bonnie Flower’s “By The Sea” and “Summertime” fits her airy vocal presence, and ending on the pleasantly brief classical-guitar pluck of “Release, Open Your Little Earthling Hands.” —Mat Herron

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