Forecastle: Day 1, Cirque Berzerk

Cirque Berzerk tent is a world all unto its own. Imagine Cirque Du Soleil on mescaline.

With gothic face paint, and acrobatics of all kinds, it was hard to not get lost in their little world of bizarre sexuality, homoeroticism and scantily clad contortionists. The whole show is emceed by a guy that would be best described as the little brother to Danny DeVito’s Penguin from “Batman Returns.” With the recurring appearance from freakish clown that looks like an extra from Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses.”

Aside from the theatrics, the limits to which these men and women and push their bodies is breathtaking — even hypnotic at times. Lasting about forty five minutes its hard to get bored, especially when they reach the finale where the entire cast comes on stage to do a fire dance. —Brent Owen

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