Monthly Archives: August 2008

The Shondes w/ Venus Trap

New Yorkers The Shondes, who have drawn comparisons to Sleater-Kinney, play @ Headliner’s Sept. 5. Louisville’s Venus Trap, whose album, The Key, is being re-released on local label Noise Pollution Records, opens.

Nappy Roots: The Humdinger promo

Nappy Roots – The Humdinger Promo | Videos >

Santogold & Diplo: Top Ranking

Top Ranking Santogold & Diplo (MAD DECENT) At its heart, Top Ranking is a never-ending journey through the record collections of New York pop-rock artist Santogold and Philadelphia DJ Diplo. The two artists barely fit in to their own genres, so it’s no surprise that Top Ranking flosses reggae, rock, electronica and hip hop. Regardless […]

"Matchbook of a Heart" and "Rotating Mirror" trailers

Jason Noble’s new film will be shown Monday, Sept. 8, at Swanson Reed Gallery. The Gold Jacket Club performed the score. “Matchbook of a Heart” [youtube=] Also, Greg King’s “Rotating Mirror,” which features the music of Rachel Grimes, is here.

Zombie Attack: 8/28-29 @ 6th & Oak/Bearno’s

My Morning Jacket: 8/16 @ Waterfront Park

Photos by Frankie Steele

Sigur Ros: Live at MoMA

Live at MoMa Sigur Ros (CURRENT TV) Words are such useless little things. Nothing more than kitschy, clodhopping caskets of ink. The very fact that we use them is merely our stubborn need to define everything. In Sigur Ros, there is no definition. A masterpiece of alt-human cinema, its music seeps into what we think […]

LEO Music Cast: Joel Timothy

LEO Music Podcast: Joel Timothy

Debfest Benefit: 8/28-8/29 @ The Rudyard Kipling

Bad Penny Benefit: 8/23 @ The Monkey Wrench