Monthly Archives: June 2008

Li’l Wayne: Tha Carter III

Tha Carter III Li’l Wayne (UNIVERSAL/CASH MONEY) Commercial success has largely eluded Li’l Wayne for most of his solo career. The second installment of his three-part series, Tha Carter, was received with open arms from fans and critics alike for its gritty street lyrics and big talk, but the two main singles, “Shooter” and “Fireman,” […]

The Delicious: Postcard To My Sewing Circle

Postcard To My Sewing Circle The Delicious (JOYFUL NOISE) I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical about how tasty The Delicious were going to be. But after listening only a few minutes, I’d say they are pretty scrumptious. At least they are welcome change from the monotony of pop music. At its best, Postcard […]

Live: Phil Lesh & Friends

Phil Lesh & Friends Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, Ohio June 12, 2008 “I’ve never liked the studio experience or making records for some big company,” legendary bass player Phil Lesh once told LEO. “I’m more into the originality and freshness of every new performance.” When Lesh’s latest tour kicked off Thursday night in Columbus, it […]

The Vault: Ed Harcourt – The Beautiful Lie

The Beautiful Lie Ed Harcourt (Dovecote) Nearly two years after its initial release in the UK, British singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt’s fourth solo album, The Beautiful Lie, has finally found a home here on Dovecote Records. Over the years, Harcourt has toured with the likes of R.E.M., Snow Patrol and Wilco, and since his humble beginnings […]

The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

We Started Nothing The Ting Tings (COLUMBIA) The electro-pop sensibilities of the Ting Tings have propelled them from virtual unknowns to up-and-coming sensations in just under two years. Last summer, the British duo was largely unheard of outside of their native Manchester. However, they generated quite a buzz with their first single “Great DJ,” through […]

Abbey Road On The River Featured On VH1

This past Friday night, VH-1 began showing a 90-second segment dedicated to Louisville’s Abbey Road on the River. The segment highlights one of the main performances, which was the 40th anniversary performance of The White Album in its entirety. The concert featured the first ever performance of the controversial Beatles song, “Revolution #9,” and this […]