Monthly Archives: March 2008

The lone wolf howls: a conversation with Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings, Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers and El Roostars play Thursday at Headliners Music Hall. Tickets are $15. Doors open at 8 p.m. LEO: You’ve always been critical in regards to the current state of country music. What exactly do you think is the problem with the way things are? Shooter Jennings: It’s not […]

Q&A: Stars’ Evan Cranley

Stars and Martin Royle play Wednesday, March 26 at the Bomhard Theatre in Kentucky Center for the Arts. Doors are at 7:30 p.m., and tickets for the all-ages show are $20. When I talked to Evan Cranley, bassist for the Canadian group Stars, last week, the band had celebrated the kickoff of its North American […]

California Guitar Trio @ 21c Museum Gallery

California Guitar Trio plays tonight at the 21C Museum Hotel. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the all ages show at $12. Ten hours in a car will get to anyone. For California Guitar Trio and their soundman Tyler Trotter, it’s getting them hungry. They’ve just sat down to at Rich O’s Public House […]

For Black Mountain, ‘Future’ takes page from past

She’s a bit Grace Slick and a whole lotta evil. Amber Webber, the backing vocalist for Vancouver collective Black Mountain, lends her talents to the group’s second album, In the Future, and for the first time, sings lead vocals on its denouement, “Night Walks.” The band is out touring the country, sometimes with Bon Iver […]

Coliseum goes west in 2008

And now, a word from Coliseum singer/guitarist Ryan Patterson: “Hello everyone – Coliseum is heading out this week for our first tour of 2008! We’re meeting up with a lot of great bands and playing South By Southwest along the way. We have a lot of great tours coming up, as well as an awesome […]

Introducing Interstates

Some collaborations are just meant to be. Kyle Noltemeyer (ex-Guilt, Endpoint) and Alex O’Nan’s latest incarnation is called Interstates. The two previously played together in a past life as the progressive instrumental trio Of Asaph, and now have photos and tunes up on their VIRB site. From their tour dates, it looks the pair is […]